Low-Sugar Coffee Creamer: enter coffee heaven

Our low-sugar coffee creamer lets you experience the creaminess and deliciousness you already know and love, with less sugar. With International Delight, making a light cup of coffee in the comfort of your own home is as smooth as it drinks!

We’ve poured all of our love and care into making our low-sugar coffee whitener delightful so that you wouldn’t even notice there’s no added sugar. How’s that for a treat?

A de-lightful treat

Looking to up your coffee game in a de-lightful way? Opt for a lighter cup of coffee and start your morning on a cloud! Experience the joys of silky, creamy coffee, with less sugar, to lift up your mood and put a smile on your face.
Float towards your coffee goals without compromising on smoothness and taste. Do you feel lighter already? Drift away into a dreamy state, and savour the moment.
Who says you can’t pamper yourself if you don’t add sugar? This ought to bring back the glow into your morning cup!

Discover our low-sugar coffee creamer product

The familiar taste of vanilla, with even less sugar. After all, classics are timeless for a reason!
With our easy-to-use bottles, add as much smoothness as you like, and swirl until you are satisfied. Our coffee creamer with no sugar added blends instantly and smoothly in your coffee and gives you that mouth-watering glossy finish you crave for.
All the convenience, flavour and delight of our coffee creamers, without the added sugar!

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Skip the fat and go straight for a sweet and light moment of pleasure – you deserve it.

Reduced Sugar

Given its heavenly creaminess, you’d never know this coffee creamer has reduced sugar.

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