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Frequently asked questions


Q: Can International Delight be used in cooking?

A: Yes, International Delight can definitely be used in cooking! Check out our recipes section for some sweet ideas.

Q: Is International Delight packaging recyclable?

A: Our International Delight bottles are recyclable, but we recommend that you check with your local recycling facility to confirm whether they recycle these materials.   

Q: Does International Delight have any recipe suggestions?

A: Yes, check out our recipes section for delicious dessert and beverage ideas.

Q: Where can I purchase International Delight products in Canada?

A: International Delight products are available Canada-wide at Walmart and Shoppers Drug Mart/Pharmaprix. For other banners, refer to the list below: 

  • Western Canada: Real Canadian Superstore, Extra Foods, No Frills, Federated Co-op, Super A Foods
  • Ontario: Food Basics, Extra Foods, Fortinos, Loblaws, No Frills, Real Canadian Superstore, Valu-Mart, Your Independent Grocer, Zehrs, Federated Co-op, Sobeys, IGA, Metro, 7-Eleven.
  • Quebec: IGA, Metro, Super C, Maxi, Maxi & Cie, Provigo, Couche-Tard
  • Atlantic: Real Atlantic Superstore, Valumart, No Frills, Sobeys

Q: How can I get my favourite store to carry International Delight or additional flavours of International Delight?

A: Customers like you ultimately determine which products end up on the shelves. If you don't find International Delight, or your favourite flavour of International Delight on your local store's shelves, ask the store manager to stock it for you. We have found that most store managers are very willing to meet the needs of their customers.

Q: How do I contact International Delight with questions or feedback?

A: If you do not find the answer to your question in this FAQ section, you can contact us directly by clicking on the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page.

Shelf Life

Q: Can I use International Delight after the expiration date?

A: No. The unopened product retains its freshness until the best before date.

Q: How long will International Delight remain fresh after opening?

A: You should use International Delight within two weeks of opening the bottle and before the recommended ‘Best Before’ date stamped on the bottle.

Q: What does the date on the top of the International Delight bottle mean?

A: It is the last recommended usage date for an unopened, unfrozen bottle.


Q: How should I store International Delight bottles?

A: They should be refrigerated.

Q: Can I freeze International Delight bottles? 

A: We do not recommend freezing International Delight bottles. The liquid will expand and overflow onto the bottle. 

Allergens & Ingredients

Q: Are International Delight products gluten-free?

A: Yes, none of the International Delight products contain any gluten.

Q: Are there any eggs or peanuts in International Delight products?

A: No, neither are in this product. None of our flavours contain tree nuts or tree nut products. They do however contain soy and corn which may be allergens to some people.

Q: Does International Delight contain any animal ingredients?

A: No, International Delight does not contain any animal-sourced ingredients.

Q: Are International Delight products Kosher?

A: Yes, all of our International Delight products are certified Kosher.

Q: Do International Delight creamers contain caffeine?

A: No, there is no caffeine in our products.

Q: Do International Delight creamers contain lactose?

A: No. International Delight products are lactose-free.